Introducing Remote Monitoring with Invisalign® Virtual Care at Wilson Orthodontics

We do everything on our phones today, from listening to our kids favorite music to electronic banking, to seeing who is at our front door while we’re away from home.

At Wilson Orthodontics we’re excited to announce that at our practice you can now use your phone to manage your orthodontic treatment too! Using Invisalign® Virtual Care technology, we can convert a patient’s (or parent’s) phone into a remote monitoring device that helps us straighten smiles… with an app! 

Can I start virtually too? 

Absolutely. We start with a complimentary consultation: chat with Dr. Michael Wilson in-person or virtually from the comfort of your home. Once a treatment plan is recommended, we will need you in the office though(Covid safety protocols apply!)! During your in-person appointment we will use our 3D scanning wand to take images and then create virtual models of your child’s teeth (or yours!). 

It’s very important to take X-rays before starting any orthodontic treatment and 3D models are the best. The thing people often forget is that your teeth are bones in your face and orthodontic treatment means moving those bones. Orthodontists are specially trained with years of dental school and then additional years of orthodontic training in order to specialize. They need to be sure of exact placements in order to create the right treatment plan for you or your child. 

Plus, after a 3D scan, at Wilson Orthodontics, we can show you projected smile outcomes right then and there! 

How does Invisalign® Virtual Care work?

We will set you up for a “Virtual Appointment” Schedule – you’ll get a notification from us on your personalized My Invisalign App which will walk you through taking a series of 9 pictures of your or your teen’s current smile. We’ll provide you with a special set of retractors (funny plastic stretchers to pull back your cheeks a bit) so that we get the best images possible for Dr. Wilson to track treatment progress. 

Once Dr. Wilson receives your selfies he’ll let you know if any changes need to be made via the app – continue wearing an aligner longer, speed up to the next one, brush those back teeth a little better, etc. And, if needed he can schedule a virtual face to face appointment. 

These virtual appointments take about 3 minutes – talk about FAST!

Why is Remote Monitoring Invisalign® Virtual Care so great? 

  • Visit the office less often – Even before the pandemic we had busy lives; and we know that scheduling orthodontic appointments can be difficult. There’s school and rehearsals and sports practice to navigate around. Virtual Care allows us to monitor your progress remotely, which means fewer physical appointments. Less time inside an office (aka social distancing approved) and less time figuring out schedules. 

  • No missing appointments – You can do them on the road! Well, we don’t recommend doing them while driving, but you know what we mean. Our app will send you reminders on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to take pictures – a virtual appointment. 

  • Better control – Since we’re getting more frequent data about your progress with the pictures you send us, we can make adjustments faster than we could if we didn’t see you for a whole month. Plus we can track things like oral hygiene level, aligners fitting, possible presence of teeth abrasion and decays or brackets issues that will allow us to make recommendations in real time. 

  • Treatment times are faster – All those pictures allow us to detect issues faster and see your mouth more frequently. That means our in-person appointments (yes, we still do those, just less often), are so much more efficient. Efficiency = faster treatment times!

  • More communication means better compliance and improved confidence – Using remote monitoring by Invisalign allows our patients to take an active role in achieving the smile of their dreams. The My Invisalign App allows for tracking how long you’ve worn your aligners each day and provides tips for cleaning them. Plus hearing from Dr. Wilson more frequently improves confidence and compliance. 

Does Remote Monitoring with Invisalign Virtual Care cost more than regular Invisalign treatment at Wilson Orthodontics? 

Nope! Our goal is always the best outcomes and that means providing our patients with the best treatment plan and regular access to Dr. Wilson. Virtual Care helps enhance that process so we’re providing remote monitoring for no additional cost. 

Personalized treatment plus remote appointments with Invisalign Virtual Care with Wilson Orthodontics equals awesome outcomes. 

We live our lives virtually, so why would you trust your orthodontic care to someone who isn’t embracing technological advances? Dr. Wilson is a leading orthodontist helping to pioneer this awesome technology. With his expertise in Invisalign treatment and his agility with the latest tech, you’ll be on the road to a straighter, healthier smile in no time! 

Click below to schedule a complimentary consultation and be the first to have your smartphone help straighten your teen’s smile!