Orthodontist in Oxford: Benefits of Metal Braces

orthodontist in oxfordThere are many types of orthodontic treatments available to help you achieve your ideal smile. When you first start looking, it might be overwhelming to learn about all the different methods. Clear braces? Hidden braces? What’s the difference? Our orthodontist in Oxford is here to help and explain the reasons why traditional metal braces may be the best choice for your orthodontic treatment. 

Orthodontic Treatments

All orthodontic treatments are designed to use force to move your teeth into the desired position. There are many on the market, from metal braces, to clear aligners, to accelerated treatments and lingual braces, they all serve different purposes and fit different lifestyles. The treatment type depends on what your specific case requires. 

What Are The Differences?

If you’re trying to correct mild to moderate crooked teeth or misalignment, most treatment options are open to you. These include traditional metal braces and discreet options such as clear aligners.

However, if you have more severe misalignment or other orthodontic issues, traditional metal braces may be your best option. Clear aligners are not intended to correct severe orthodontic issues but tried-and-true traditional metal braces are. Traditional metal braces offer greater structural rigidity that can handle more severe misalignment problems.

Benefits of Traditional Braces

Many people want a discreet treatment, such as clear aligners, but it’s not always possible to use them in every case. Traditional metal braces have persisted since the beginning of orthodontics for a reason: they’re reliable, they correct severe orthodontic cases, produce consistent results, and they are generally more affordable. If you are trying to correct severe misalignment, an underbite, overbite, then traditional metal braces can get the job done! 

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