Oxford, NC, Orthodontist Answers: What Is A Pediatric Dentist?

oxford nc orthodontistPediatric dentists are dentists that care for the specific dental and orthodontic needs of children. A doctor that treats young patients offers a welcoming, kid-friendly office to set children and their parents at ease as they settle into their office environment. Our Oxford, NC, orthodontist explains the main differences between pediatric orthodontics and adult orthodontics below.

What Is A Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist has specialized knowledge of orthodontic problems that affect children. Pediatric dentists also have special training in taking care of young patients and ensuring that they are comfortable during evaluations. Pediatric dentists are experts at getting children to cooperate during treatment. Some methods that pediatric dentists employ include using kid-friendly terminology and being patient to keep the child calm. Dental tools may also be decorated in a more fun way for the kids.

How Are Children’s Teeth Different?

Children have dental and orthodontic issues that differ from adults. For example, kids may have developmental problems in the jaw and face that are easily treated during childhood. It is always ideal to have your child evaluated as soon as possible to find out if they need early treatment. Another issue that can be addressed is bad habits that affect the teeth, like thumb-sucking or overuse of pacifiers. Additionally, cavity prevention is critical for children, so there are regular prevention methods, like fluoride treatments or sealants.

Evaluations Specific For Children

Sometimes, it is recommended that infants be evaluated for early signs of cavities. For older children, early orthodontic treatments can prevent misaligned bites – some children may have jaws that are too small, creating crowding of the teeth. Devices like palatal expanders, which widen the roof of the mouth to make room for incoming teeth, can prevent future bite problems, and it is important that this treatment is started at a young age.

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