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Durham & Oxford, NC's
Favorite Orthodontist For Braces

Durham & Oxford, NC's
Favorite Orthodontist For Braces

Durham & Oxford, NC's Favorite Orthodontist For Braces

You Want to Learn About Treatment Options for Your Child

When Should My Child First See an Orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a child’s smile is examined by an orthodontist by the age of 7. Wilson Orthodontics also agrees with that benchmark. While your child’s smile is still changing, an early evaluation can help an orthodontist to anticipate if your child will need orthodontic treatment. Most parents leave with the relief of knowing their child does not need braces immediately. Still, if their child may in the future, parents can move forward with that important knowledge.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

Our team at Wilson Orthodontics advocates for orthodontic treatment if Dr. Wilson advises it as foregoing treatment can often lead to complications later in life. An improper bite, crowded teeth, a misaligned jaw, as well as several other conditions can lead to issues like poor oral hygiene or surgery in the future. Not to mention, many children experience an increased sense of confidence in their smile after orthodontic treatment – a benefit that lasts a lifetime.

What Options Are Available to My Child?

As technology has revolutionized, so has orthodontic treatment! Dr. Wilson is proud to always offer the most advanced and efficient options to his patients. While traditional treatments like braces are available, Wilson Orthodontics also offers alternative methods and technology like Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, Self-Ligating Braces, and SureSmile to provide your child with timely, discreet, and comfortable improvements.

How Can I Schedule a Wilson Smile Analysis?

Our team understands that you may have questions or concerns moving forward with orthodontic treatment, and we invite you to call our Durham or Oxford offices at 919.371.0384 to schedule a consultation for your child. You can also schedule your free Wilson Smile Analysis by clicking here.