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At Wilson Orthodontics, our number one concern is our patients. No matter what time of year or type of contact sport, make sure your kids are properly protected. We support the American Association of Orthodontics during Sport Safety month in their efforts to help raise awareness among parents and patients to increase the use of facial protection in youth sports in the Durham and Oxford NC area.

Watch this video created by the AAO about the importance of wearing mouth guards and protective gear when playing contact sports.

The Team at Wilson Orthodontics asks all our patients to be proactive and protect yourselves when playing any contact sport, organized or just with friends, by wearing a mouth guard. It only takes a split second to damage your beautiful smile!

The damage caused by a ball, puck or elbow to the face can be devastating for a child – often resulting in serious injury and a lifetime of dental health issues. In fact, sports-related injuries are the leading cause of emergency room visits in 12- to 17-year-olds according to the Centers for Disease Control. By teaming up with the National Alliance of Youth Sports (NAYS) to promote facial protection and sport safety, the AAO hopes that “Play It Safe” will become a mantra for youth sports.

Unfortunately, many parents, kids and coaches don´t realize the damage a ball or on-field collision can do until it´s too late. As professionals in the field of dentistry, our goal is helping patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile, the last thing we want to see is a smile ruined by a preventable injury. Extensive dental care is then required to repair the injury and many patients will experience needless discomfort, aggravation, loss of time, and incur an unnecessary financial investment throughout their lives to maintain the dental work required to repair the injury. So please “Play It Safe” and wear a mouth guard.

During orthodontic treatment, it is especially important for patients to wear a mouth guard to prevent injury from braces that can easily cut lips and cheeks when hit. If you need one, contact our office. The time to start wearing one is now!!

How do you feel about the importance of wearing mouth guards? Do you make it mandatory for your children? Please comment below.

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