Foods You Should Avoid While Wearing Braces By Your Favorite Oxford, NC Orthodontist

Foods You Should Avoid While Wearing Braces By Your Favorite Oxford NC OrthodontistWhen you begin wearing braces, there are foods that can jeopardize your mouth, teeth and orthodontic treatment. You can run the risk and continue to eat these foods, but they may cause some concerns that will prolong your treatment time with braces and slow the straightening process. Hard, chewy and sticky foods not only damage the wires and brackets, but may cause the metal to rub against your gums and cheeks causing sores. Not only will this result in more visits with your Oxford, NC orthodontist for repairs and realignment, it may lead to more cavities. Dr. Wilson, your favorite Oxford, NC orthodontist suggests drinks and food to temporarily avoid to keep you away from discomfort and on schedule.

Staying Out of a Sticky Situation: Helpful Tips For Eating With Braces

  • Beef jerky : Even after braces, some find out how risky this food can be to teeth. With braces on, it’s double jeopardy.
    Corn on the cob: Remove the kernels or opt for the canned alternative.
  • Hard candies : One bite can weaken your teeth and pop brackets. The extra sugar from these candies means more chances for cavities to occur.
  • Chewy, sticky candy: Sweets like Starburst or Swedish fish may lead to hours of detangling your wires from these confections and extra repair time if brackets pop off.
  • Crunchy snacks: Chips and hard baked goods are another risk for bending wires and popping brackets.
  • Certain beverages: Soda, orange juice and other acidic or high sugar beverages wear down your enamel.
  • Any and all nuts: These will not just dissolve on your tongue so maybe don’t even invite these handful of accidents just waiting to happen.

Well, What Can I Eat With Braces?

Softer foods are the best options while wearing braces. Our Oxford, NC orthodontics office recommends choosing softer, easier to chew foods during your orthodontic treatment, such as yogurt, smoothies, pudding, salmon, tuna and tender meats like boneless chicken or meatballs. Pasta dishes and steamed vegetables are also safer options and easy on your braces.

Softening foods through cooking or through liquids like milk is a way to still enjoy your culinary favorites. Dr. Wilson, our award-winning orthodontist in Oxford, NC and Durham, NC advises you to take smaller bites to give your teeth a little less to do. While certain foods are put on the backburner for the time being while you or your child are wearing braces, here’s your opportunity to investigate safer and healthier alternatives. Who knows, maybe when the braces come off, the adoption of new foods into the regimen will result in a healthier lifestyle going forward. Dr Wilson and the entire crew at our orthodontics office in Oxford, NC look forward to your next visit.

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our Oxford orthodontics office would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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