Flossing With Braces: Simple Steps & Tools

Tips For Flossing WIth Braces By Durham - Oxford NC OrthodontistAfter brushing, the next step to achieving a squeaky clean mouth with braces is efficient flossing techniques. Braces make it easier for food to get stuck. Dislodging those pesky little particles from behind your braces and wires not only ensures a healthier mouth, but also a more comfortable experience with braces and orthodontics.

Brushing alone is often not enough to ensure the healthiest teeth and gums possible. The most common starting point for most dental problems is between the teeth. This can lead to cavities and gum disease. You might not even notice the problem until it reaches the point of requiring a dental visit. This is why regular, proper hygiene techniques are so vital to your health. Flossing with braces goes hand in hand with brushing.

What Types of Flossing Tools Can I Use With Braces?

There are various, easy-to-use tools on the market to help you floss and clean well between your teeth, even with your metal braces on. These flossing tools are sold in stores or online, and make the oral hygiene process with braces so much simpler!

  • String Floss– Your Durham or Oxford, NC orthodontist can teach you the proper way to floss around and behind your braces to clear out food particles that threaten the function of your braces. Waxed floss is preferable over unwaxed floss, to prevent it from getting stuck in your arch wires.
  • Plackers (also called floss on a stick) – These little plastic wands have a thread of floss on the end and can easily clean between your front and back teeth.
  • Floss Threader– This portable, easy to use tool is designed to fit under braces and arch wires to clean between teeth more effectively. They are also reusable, making it a very cost-effective oral care method.
  • Soft Picks: Specially designed between tooth cleaners for easy flossing on the go. Soft picks have a flexible rubber bristle on the end to clear food and plaque from behind braces and wires, and in between your teeth.
  • Water Flossers (aka Waterpik)– This method of flossing is clinically proven to be more effective for individuals wearing braces. This tool sprays a small stream of water in your mouth, making it easier to flush out bacteria and plaque behind your braces and in between your teeth. Not only does it help you achieve fresh, clean teeth, it also helps keep your gums healthy.

Taking the extra step to floss after your brushing routine can make a world of difference for your smile. Not only can you avoid certain tooth and gum problems, you’ll have a clean mouth and functioning braces throughout your treatment process at Wilson Orthodontics of Durham and Oxford, North Carolina (NC).

Read more about flossing from the American Dental Association here.

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