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Your Wilson Ortho Journey

1. Free Consultation

Are you ready to start your journey to a new, beautiful smile? Schedule your complimentary consultation with our Wilson Orthodontics team today and we will assess your smile, develop a treatment plan tailored to you, and journey alongside you through the entire treatment process!

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2. Recieve 3D Scan

Our awesome team will create a 3D scan of your smile and show you a digital rendering of your smile throughout treatment. This 3D scan allows us to create the most efficient custom treatment plan for you, and even allows us to show you a digital version of your post-treatment smile!

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3. Follow Your Treatment Plan!

Now that you know what your smile will look like, after treatment, all you have to do is follow the plan we have created for you! You will visit our office or check in with us virtually so we can monitor your smile transformation, and before you know it you’ll have the smile of your dreams!

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Meet The Doctor

Dr. Michael J. Wilson is the founder of Wilson Orthodontics and has been transforming smiles with the latest technology since 1999. Dr. Wilson is proud to serve the Durham and Oxford communities as the premier orthodontist, focusing on positive patient experience and quick treatment results.

Dr. Wilson

Why Choose Us


We are proud to offer affordable treatment options so that every member of our community can have a smile that sparks confidence.



The Wilson Orthodontics team takes pride in offering accommodating orthodontic care catered to fit the needs of you and your family.


Advanced Tech

Our team at Wilson Orthodontics uses the latest cutting-edge technology to provide the fastest and most efficient treatment to all of our patients.

Advanced Tech

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Wilson Remote

If you’re looking for award-winning orthodontic care but are struggling to fit more appointments into your schedule, then we have the perfect solution for you. With Wilson Remote, each of our patients can receive the same trusted orthodontic care without ever leaving their homes! Wilson Remote is focused on convenience by using cutting-edge technology to capture images of your teeth and allows us to track your treatment progress remotely.

1. Start Invisalign Treatment

Ready to start your journey with Wilson Orthodontics? Call us today to schedule your complimentary virtual consultation!

2. Receive Your Treatment Plan

During your consultation, Dr. Wilson will evaluate your smile and develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

3. Check-in From Home!

Each week you’ll use our digital monitoring system to send photos of your smile so we can track your treatment progress.

Treatments We Offer

At Wilson Orthodontics, we are proud to offer treatment options perfect for every member of the family. Whether you’re looking for preventative treatment for your little one, your teen is ready for braces, or you’re ready to transform your smile, there are several orthodontic treatment options available. Our team is dedicated to finding the right option for you!.

At Wilson Orthodontics, we prioritize the health of our patients’ smiles from the very beginning. Our early treatment options are specifically designed to uncover developing orthodontic issues in children, before they have the opportunity to progress into more complex issues. Preventative treatment can address and correct bite issues, misalignments, and jaw problems, preventing further treatment and improving your child’s overall oral health.

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Achieve your best smile with Adult Orthodontics at Wilson Orthodontics. There is no age limit on a perfect smile, and our team strongly believes everyone deserves the smile of their dreams, no matter their age! Our custom treatment plans for adults go beyond changing the aesthetic of your smile and are a true investment in a lifetime of optimal oral health.

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Dr. Wilson can transform your smile with Invisalign, unveiling your dream smile 50% faster than with traditional braces. Invisalign is a removable and virtually invisible treatment option that is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule. Invisalign is made from clear, medical-grade plastic and forms perfectly to your teeth, for maximum comfort throughout your treatment journey.

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Our custom braces option at Wilson Orthodontics helps patients see smile transformations 20 to 40% faster than conventional braces. We start by taking a digital scan of your teeth and creating a map of your exact smile anatomy that Dr. Wilson uses to create custom brackets with ideal placement for the most comfortable fit and most efficient outcome. This tailored approach gives you faster results in fewer appointments.

Patient Testimonials

At Wilson Orthodontics, we take pride in showcasing patient testimonials that highlight the diverse range of treatment options suitable for every family member. Whether it’s preventive care for your child, braces for your teenager, or a smile transformation for yourself, we have a variety of orthodontic treatments to choose from. Our committed team is focused on discovering the perfect option for your individual needs.