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Braces for Teens


Custom Braces for Teens

Did you know the majority of facial growth occurs during the teenage years? This combined with the fact that most teens have all of their permanent teeth makes them ideal candidates for braces. Each of our patients has a unique smile with unique orthodontic needs, which is why we are proud to offer custom braces to transform your teen’s smile! We use a digital scan of your teen’s teeth to create a map of their anatomy, allowing us to create custom-made braces, perfect for their smile. 

Why get Custom Braces?

Unlike conventional braces, custom braces offer maximized precision, leading to more efficient and effective treatment outcomes. Custom braces offer our patients  personalized treatment plans, faster results, and a more aesthetic look.

Personalized Treatment

Our patients are huge fans of our custom braces option because every element of their treatment is personalized to fit their unique orthodontic needs.

Personalized Treatment

Faster Treatment

Our custom braces optimize treatment plans, leading to faster results and better treatment outcomes for each of our Wilson Orthodontic patients.

Faster Treatment

Aesthetic Solution

Enjoy a more discreet, aesthetically pleasing version of braces with our custom braces option. Our patients can even opt for ceramic custom braces instead of metal for brackets closer to the natural color of teeth.

Aesthetic Solution

Durham & Oxford, NC

It’s Time to Achieve Your Best Smile

Are you ready to join the Wilson Orthodontic family and embark on a journey toward your dream smile? Our team focuses on combining customized care, advanced technology, and modern treatment methods to give each of our patients a picture-perfect smile. Call our office today and start your treatment journey now! Our team is so excited and ready to welcome you into the Wilson Orthodontics family.

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Braces FAQ

Still Got Questions?

We understand how busy our teen patients are, and we know that orthodontic treatment is both a time investment for them and a financial investment for you. Because we value your time and money, we want to make sure you and your teen feel comfortable and informed throughout each step of the treatment process. Our custom braces option is an innovative treatment, and we know with new methods come lots of questions. We have compiled a few of our most frequently asked questions over custom braces and provided the answers below. If you have any additional questions or if you’d like any clarification, feel free to call our office today.

How are Custom Braces different from Traditional Braces?

Custom braces are perfectly fitted to the individual contours of your teen’s teeth, unlike traditional braces that have a standard fit from one patient to another.

Do Custom Braces hurt?

While the personalized fit of custom braces helps them to feel more comfortable than conventional braces, your teen might experience some irritation or discomfort when they first get braces or after adjustments. This discomfort is temporary and can easily be managed with over-the-counter pain reliever, orthodontic wax, and a warm saltwater rinse.

Are Custom Braces faster than Conventional Braces?

While treatment times vary for each individual case, the personalized fit of custom braces increases efficient movements and often results in faster treatment outcomes.