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Advanced Technology


The Future of Orthodontics

Our team at Wilson Orthodontics is proud to offer the latest and most advanced technology for our patients. Our digital technology allows us to easily capture a comprehensive picture of your teeth, ensuring an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Our digital scanning process is completed in three simple steps. The first step is a CBCT x-ray of your mouth to capture your bone structure, soft tissues, nerves, and bones. Next, our team will use the iTero Digital Scanner to create a virtual replica of your teeth, palate, and dental arches. We then use the images captured in the first two steps to build a comprehensive model of your smile shown in your digital Smile Simulator. Our advanced scanning tools allow Dr. Wilson to develop your unique treatment plan and give you a sneak peek of your post-treatment smile. 

Advanced Tech for Maximum Comfort

Our team is dedicated to utilizing advanced technology to ensure our patients have a comfortable treatment journey and impeccable treatment results. At Wilson Orthodontics, our 3D scanning technology is quick, efficient, and guarantees results our patients love.

iTero Scanner

Using a tiny, precise camera, the iTero Scanner captures several images of your teeth to create an accurate 3D model of your smile.

iTero Scanner


Our team captures a comprehensive, detailed x-Ray of your teeth, jaws, and surrounding areas with the iCat.


Smile Simulation

Visualize your future smile before your treatment even begins with our 3D Smile Simulator!

Smile Simulation


Say Goodbye To Goopy Impressions

Say farewell to messy, alginate impressions and hello to our advanced 3D scanning technology. At Wilson Orthodontics, goopy impressions are a thing of the past! Our 3D scanning technology provides each patient with a convenient experience and accurate treatment results. Our cutting-edge approach to records removes any discomfort and puts our patients on the fast-track to their new smile!
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Still Have Questions?

Although our digital 3D scanning process is much smoother and faster than alginate impressions, it’s still a new concept for several of our patients, which can be intimidating at first. Our team at Wilson Orthodontics works diligently to ensure every patient is informed on the entire orthodontic process before it ever begins. We want each of our patients to feel educated and confident in our scanning technology, which is why we have compiled some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about 3D Scanning. If you have an additional question or would like further clarification on any of the below FAQs, feel free to call us so we can provide you with all the necessary information.

How does the 3D Scanning process differ from the traditional impressions method?

The traditional impressions method requires our team to use goopy, alginate materials placed over each tooth to create a physical model of your teeth. That physical model is then used to determine a treatment course and to design orthodontic appliances for your treatment. Our 3D scanning technology utilizes the iTero Scanner and the iCat machine to capture a virtual 3D model in a much faster and less invasive manner. Our technology ensures a more comfortable experience and produces more accurate treatment outcomes for each of our patients.

What are the risks involved in the 3D scanning process?

Each step of the digital scanning process we use at Wilson Orthodontics is completely safe for our patients. The iTero scanner has a tiny, handheld camera the slides over each of your teeth, and the iCat uses very low levels of radiation to capture a detailed x-Ray. Both of these tools are risk-free and essential to creating your detailed treatment plan.

How does the Smile Simulator work?

The Smile Simulator uses images and x-rays captured by both the iTero and iCat to generate a comprehensive, accurate model of your smile. Once your current smile is generated, Dr. Wilson will create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. The details of your treatment plan and the Smile Simulator technology are then used to produce an approximate depiction of your post treatment smile.