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A Brighter, More Confident Smile

Your path to a new smile begins with your complimentary consultation. We offer both in-office and virtual consultations to meet the specific needs of all our patients. If you’re ready to start your treatment journey and would like to begin with an in-office consultation, simply select our “In-Office Consult,” button below and schedule your appointment at your convenience. We are thrilled to have you and can’t wait to witness your smile transformation.

Your Journey

A Path to Confidence

Embarking on the journey to your confident new smile starts with a complimentary consultation tailored to your unique needs. Choose between in-office or virtual consultations, ensuring flexibility for all our patients. To kickstart your treatment journey with an in-person consultation, click the “In-Office Consult” button below and schedule your appointment at your convenience. We’re excited to welcome you and look forward to being part of your smile transformation.

1. Schedule Your Appointment

Your smile journey with Wilson Orthodontics begins the moment you schedule your complimentary consultation. Our amazing team will help find an appointment time that best fits into your schedule.

2. Meet With Dr. Wilson & Team

Once you arrive for your appointment, our Wilson Orthodontics team will begin capturing photographs, 3D digital scans, and x-ray images of your teeth to create a comprehensive model of your smile. After that, Dr. Wilson will evaluate that model and create a custom treatment plan to give you your dream smile!

3. Follow Your Treatment Plan!

After Dr. Wilson builds a treatment plan tailored to your orthodontic needs, all you have to do is follow your treatment plan! Dr. Wilson will monitor your progress throughout your treatment, and you’ll be on your way to a new smile in no time!

4. Smile Confidently!

The last step in your orthodontic journey is to enjoy your new look and smile confidently. After you complete your treatment, we will provide you with retainers to preserve your new smile, now all you have to do is show off your new smile everywhere you go.

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It’s Time to Achieve Your Best Smile

Are you ready to join the Wilson Orthodontic family and embark on a journey toward your dream smile? Our team focuses on combining customized care, advanced technology, and modern treatment methods to give each of our patients a picture-perfect smile. Call our office today and start your treatment journey now! Our team is so excited and ready to welcome you into the Wilson Orthodontics family.

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Orthodontic FAQ

Still Got Questions?

Our team at Wilson Orthodontics is focused on providing a comfortable atmosphere for each of our patients. We believe knowledge is one of the best comfort tools we can provide, so we are committed to helping you feel as prepared and informed as possible. You probably know several people who had braces or Invisalign at some point, but you might still have questions about your treatment process. Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions about treatment to help provide you with the answers you need. If you have any other questions, need any clarification, or are ready to begin your treatment journey at Wilson Orthodontics, call us today!

How do I know if I need orthodontic treatment?

Your dentist may suggest orthodontic treatment, but several signs may indicate the need for treatment. Some issues to look out for include bite issues, misaligned jaw, or crowding/spacing issues, etc. 

How long will my treatment last?

Every smile is unique and that means every orthodontic timeline is different, but on average most treatments last anywhere from 12-24 months. Dr. Wilson will provide you with a more accurate timeline during your consultation appointment.

Are traditional braces my only option?

At Wilson Orthodontics, we offer several orthodontic treatment options so every patient can have the perfect treatment for their smile and unique needs. Dr. Wilson will find the treatment that works best for your smile and schedule. We offer custom braces, Invisalign Clear Aligners, early treatment options, and even surgical treatment options.