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Dental Monitoring in Durham & Oxford NC - Wilson Orthodontics

A Convenient Way to your Dream Smile

Our team at Wilson Orthodontics is dedicated to providing convenient treatment options that fit into our patients’ busy schedules. We know it’s not always practical to come into our office, and that’s why we created Wilson Remote. Our remote treatment option allows our patients to keep track of their progress virtually by sending Dr. Wilson their scans, receiving  expert advice from our team, and track their progress from virtually anywhere!

Why Wilson Remote?

Wilson Remote combines Dr. Wilson’s entrusted Invisalign success with unmatched convenience, personalized treatment, and instant communication, providing patients with the freedom to transform their smiles without interrupting their schedules.

Unmatched Convenience

Send in your smile scans from virtually anywhere as you progress through treatment with Dr. Wilson’s expert guidance.


Personalized Treatment

Receive a personalized treatment plan tailored to your orthodontic needs, your schedule, and your finances.


Instant Communication

Send in any questions or concerns that arise and instantly receive expert feedback from Dr. Wilson on our virtual monitoring app.

Instant Communication

Dental Monitoring in Durham & Oxford NC - Wilson Orthodontics

How does it Work?

At Wilson Orthodontics, we are focused on offering cutting-edge technology paired with the latest treatment methods. Our Invisalign Clear Aligners and Wilson Remote virtual monitoring app allow our patients the freedom to receive expert orthodontic care from the comfort of their own home. We understand this technology and methodology is new, though, which is why we are here to answer all of your questions surrounding Wilson Remote. Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions, but feel free to call our office if you have any other questions.

How often do I change my aligners?

On average, most of our patients change their aligners every 7 days. Dr. Wilson will monitor your scans and let you know if that frequency needs to change. 

What equipment do I need for Wilson Remote?

Your Wilson Remote kit contains your scan box. The only other items you need are your smartphone, a mirror, and your dazzling smile!

What should I do if I have a treatment question?

If you have any questions about your treatment, simply send Dr. Wilson a message in our virtual monitoring app and receive expert advice at your fingertips!

How can I see my treatment progress?

You can view your past scans and treatment progress at any time using our virtual monitoring app.

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Dream Smiles, with or without brackets

At Wilson Orthodontics, we prioritize convenience for our patients. Recognizing the challenges of in-person visits, we introduce Wilson Remote, an innovative solution enabling you to monitor your progress virtually. Send scans to Dr. Wilson, receive expert advice, and track your journey from anywhere. Whether in-office or virtually, we’re here for you. Schedule your appointment today for personalized care that suits your lifestyle.

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