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Are You Your Worst Critic By Top Rated Orthodontic Office In Durham N CHow do you see yourself? Using little more than a pencil, a pad of paper, and a handful of strangers, Wilson Orthodontics in Durham, NC tackles the hot topics of body image and self-esteem, with results that are as unexpected as they are inspiring.

Our Own Worst Critic

If someone asked you what you like about yourself, how easy would it be to answer? It’s generally not considered polite to brag, so instead we pick ourselves apart. In the Dove Real Beauty Sketch commercial brought in a forensic composite artist to sketch a few unsuspecting volunteers, that deep-seated desire to put ourselves down quickly became apparent. Each volunteer, separated from the artist by a curtain, was asked to describe their physical appearance. They said words like “fat” and “protrudes.” Their shoulders were slumped, their expressions pained. Their discomfort and sadness resonated.

Education Through the Eyes of Others

Then comes the twist. The women, complete strangers, are asked to describe each other to the sketch artist. This time we hear words like “thin” and “expressive” and “cute.” The women are far more generous and kind to the strangers than they are to themselves. The two portraits are then hung side by side, the self-described image a sad, withered version of the smiling picture to its right. As each woman looks at the two contrasting interpretations of herself, you can practically see the awareness dawning.

The Power of Self-Acceptance From Wilson Orthodontics

We tend to see ourselves through a sort of funhouse mirror that magnifies the things we don’t like about our appearance until those things are all that we can see. What if we could step away from the harsh prison of our own self-doubt and see ourselves as the world sees us? What if we could redefine what beauty is simply by accepting what’s innately beautiful about ourselves? What if we could be grateful for what we have and finally accept that we deserve the lives that we get to live? What if we finally realized that we’re more beautiful than we think?

Learning to love who we are, inside and out, is the very foundation of happiness, and few things shout “happy” better than a big, confident grin. If your idea of a more confident you includes a straighter smile, your orthodontist in Durham, NC would love to have you into our orthodontic office in Durham for a consultation. Call Wilson Orthodontics at 919-383-7423 to schedule your appointment today!

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our Durham, NC orthodontics office would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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