Proper Use Of Your Braces By Durham, NC’s Favorite Orthodontist

When you have braces, proper use of your appliances is a ‘must’ to ensure a timely orthodontic treatment process. Each piece of equipment has a specific function, exerting corrective pressure on your teeth to move them or keep them still. From your spacers to your retainers, and anything in between, following your orthodontist’s guidelines brings it all together, for the best possible end results after braces.

What Are Spacers?

Proper Use Of Your Braces By Durham NC's Favorite OrthodontistFirst come spacers, which are rubber bands placed between each tooth. They are designed to move your teeth ever so slightly apart. These spacers do the prep work, so that brace bands can be placed around your teeth. You will have these spacers in your mouth for less time than any other appliance. When you have spacers in place, follow these simple rules:

  • brush gentle
  • avoid flossing
  • lay off the sticky and chewy foods

What Is A Rapid Palatial Expander?

Ideally, your upper teeth are supposed to overlap your lower teeth. When this is not the case, your orthodontist in Durham and Oxford, NC may advise using a rapid palatial expander to correct cross bites, crowding teeth, and uneven lower jaw growth. These simple steps ensure that this device works for you:

  • one turn of the expander a day
  • stay away from chewy, sticky and hard foods
  • floss and brush your braces often
  • if the expander loosens, remove it and bring to your scheduled appointment

What Are Elastics For Your Braces?

Elastics on your braces figure greatly into the progress or setback of your orthodontic process. They’re changed frequently, intended to be worn at all times, and aid your braces in moving your teeth. Always carry a bag of elastics, because missing even a day can set you back in your treatment with braces.

When your braces come off, you might be tempted to return to your old ways. But treating this new retention phase with dedication will ensure that the straightening process wasn’t done in vain. Wearing retainers as directed can prevent your teeth from moving back to their old position, allowing your bite to stabilize while your ligaments, gums, tissue and bones play catch up. Durham and Oxford Orthodontist, Dr. Wilson will advise you on how long to wear your retainer, which will reduce over time.

Any and all braces prescribed by Orthodontist, Dr. Wilson during your treatment should be used as described, to bring about the best results for your teeth, jaw and mouth in the least amount of time.

Read further about braces from the official American Dental Association’s blog on this link.

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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