The Importance of Wearing Your Mouth Guard For Winter Activities By Top Rated Orthodontist Near Cary, NC

The Importance of Wearing Your Mouth Guard For Winter Activities By Top Rated Orthodontist Near Cary, NCJust because winter is here again in Cary, North Carolina (NC) doesn’t mean your teeth require any less protection from seasonal activities. With trauma to even just one tooth, all the different functions your teeth and mouth perform can be altered. Mouth guards bring protection to your teeth, lips, jaw and face by absorbing and evenly distributing any force to those areas to prevent damage.

Orthodontist, Dr. Wilson near Cary, NC and all dental specialists urge their patients to use mouth guards when doing any activities that could cause trauma to the mouth. An estimated 200,000 injuries in the mouth region each year can be prevented simply by wearing gear that protects your mouth. Athletes are sixty times more likely to endure an oral injury when not wearing a mouth protector, according to the Youth Sports Foundation for Safety.

The orthodontic staff at Wilson Orthodontics, near Cary, NC do not just advise teenagers who play contact sports to wear mouth guards, but adults who participate in any physical activity as well. Whether it is an opponent, a hard surface, or even a perceivably “soft” ball, there’s always the risk of a dental injury. Wearing braces of any kind make wearing a mouth guard twice as necessary, which Orthodontist, Dr. Wilson near Cary, NC is certain to emphasize.

What Types Of Mouth Guards Are Available To You?

  • Stock mouth – Inexpensive and available at most sporting goods stores near Cary, NC. The protection is minimal and not the most suggested by orthodontists.
  • Boil and bite – Purchased at similar stores as stock protectors, this variety is placed in hot water, allowed to cool for a brief period, and then placed in to the mouth where it will be shaped around your teeth with the aid of your tongue and fingers. This protector is considered a step up from stock mouth guards.
  • Custom-fitted – The most recommended type of protector for comfort and protection is made from impressions your teeth. You can choose a vacuum-formed or laminated guard.

Keeping It Clean – Maintenance Guide For Your Mouth Guard

  • Clean your mouth guard thoroughly with cool water and soap – water that is too warm will warp the shape of the mouth guard, causing it to lose some of its protective qualities
  • After each use, run cool water over your mouth guard and do a mouth rinse or use a toothbrush and mild soap.
  • Keep your mouth guard in a vented, snug container to keep it free from damage and germs. Acrylic guards should be kept in clean, fresh water.
  • Keep your mouth guard out of high temperature areas and direct sunlight as the warmth will warp the shape of the mouth guard.
  • Do a regular maintenance check of your mouth guard for general wear and tear.
  • Bring your mouth guard to every office visit with Orthodontist, Dr. Wilson and his orthodontic staff near Cary, NC for a thorough examination.

The level of protection to your teeth, mouth, jaw and face is dependent upon which type of mouth guard you choose. Dr. Wilson, a top rated and favorite orthodontist near Cary, NC and his orthodontic team may suggest wearing a protector for your lower teeth as well, and to remove all moveable appliances like retainers when participating in any kind of physical activity. Let Dr. Wilson and his orthodontic team at Wilson Orthodontics near Cary, NC help you for the most cost-effective mouth guard that best fits your mouth and lifestyle today.

Read more about mouth guards from the American Dental Association here.

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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