Experiencing The Holidays

thank you note on red background

At Wilson Orthodontics, we are midway into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. When was the last time you stopped to simply experience and appreciate what your life has to offer and how much you take for granted on a regular basis?

Take a few moments to be grateful for the simple things in life like water running, electricity to light our way and charge our digital lives. Don’t forget to also appreciate everything that keeps us warm? When was the last time you stopped to appreciate a day when your body was functioning properly and your health was good? Take away any one of these things we take for granted and our comfort level will be affected immediately.

In the busyness of our day to day existence, we forget to stop and smell the roses and appreciate all the small, simple experiences we encounter every day. We end up basing our day on what we’ve accomplished versus the quality of the experiences we’ve had. With the news media constantly reminding us of all the disasters and violence around us, it can be difficult to keep our focus on all we have to be grateful for.

Fortunately, the ability to experience gratitude is ours to grab at any time during this holiday season. It is no more difficult to focus on what we have during our day, rather than what we don’t.

What are we teaching your children about gratitude through our words and example? Are we focused on encouraging them to say “thank you” when they’re little, and to experience gratitude as a process that continues throughout their lives?

This holiday season, we suggest everyone take a few moments to pause and reflect on someone you are grateful to have in your life. At Wilson Orthodontics, we are thankful for all our patients and their families we come in contact with throughout the year. Without you, there would be no Wilson Orthodontics. We appreciate your expression of confidence when choosing us as your orthodontic treatment provider and will do our best to prove worthy of your trust, just as we have in the past and will continue to do so throughout the coming new year.

Happy Holidays to all! Enjoy your experience this year…. Leave a comment below if you would like to share your thoughts.