How Much Do Braces Cost in Durham, NC? Our Orthodontist Answers

Pricing is an important consideration when deciding on orthodontic treatment, and you may be wondering what exactly the bill will look like at the end. However, the answer isn’t simple. There are different types of braces and the severity of misalignment varies between patients. How much do braces cost in Durham, NC? Our orthodontist explains the cost-determining factors below!

Factor: Age and Severity

If you’re getting braces as an adult, this can impact the duration of your treatment. Since the palate in your mouth has fused, moving the teeth is generally a more difficult process and can take longer than it would for a child. Children’s treatment is usually shorter due to the ease of moving their teeth into the correct position. However, if there is severe misalignment or the need for any type of corrective orthodontic surgery, treatment can also be extended and end up costing more. 

Factor: Type of Braces

You’ll have multiple choices for braces, from traditional metal braces to more discreet options, such as Invisalign. Certain options cost more than others, with traditional metal braces usually costing less than clear braces and Invisalign. You should keep this in mind when considering the duration of your treatment. 

Factor: Insurance

Insurance is another factor in treatment cost. All dental insurance plans are different, and yours may not cover the type of braces you want or may have certain requirements to qualify for straightening your teeth. For example, some insurance plans don’t cover braces for those over 18 years old. Check with your insurance provider to determine the details.

Of course, there’s also a barrier if you don’t have dental insurance at all, or your provider doesn’t pay enough, leaving you to make up much of the cost. This shouldn’t discourage you, however. Talk to our orthodontist and we will work with you to get you the smile you want, because you deserve it!

How Much Do Braces Cost in Durham, NC? Talk To Our Orthodontist To Find Out More Today!

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