Orthodontist in Chapel Hill: Benefits of Early Evaluations

If you’ve been wondering when your child should visit a pediatric dentist, look no further. Our orthodontist is here to provide some information on the importance of pediatric dentistry and the benefits of taking your child to their first checkup as early as possible. How can a checkup help your child? Our orthodontist in Chapel Hill explains more below. 

Early Treatment

There are many benefits to having an early evaluation. If there are any structural abnormalities in your child’s teeth or jaw, it’s critical to identify them early to effectively treat them. Left untreated, structural problems, tooth decay, or even teeth growing in incorrectly can cause problems down the road. Additionally, teaching children about the importance of proper dental hygiene from a young age aids in preventing tooth decay and can be beneficial for their dental health in the long run. 

The First Visit

It’s important to start early to promote a positive association with visiting the orthodontist. Our staff will explain things clearly, using kid-friendly language, and make sure that your child’s first visit is calm and pleasant. Our orthodontist will welcome you and your family and make you and your child as comfortable as possible.

Types of Treatments

Some treatments are similar for children, such as treatments for tooth decay and filling cavities. However, some treatments are especially important in pediatric treatment, including baby teeth and jaw growth, spacers or other orthodontic appliances, and recognizing malocclusion before it has a chance to affect the teeth and jaws permanently. 

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