What Is A Water Pick And Do You Need One? By Your Favorite Orthodontist In Durham, NC

What Is A Water Pick And Do You Need One By Your Favorite Durham NC OrthodontistWhile the aim of braces is to improve the working order of your mouth, they do require a bit more effort when it comes to the everyday maintenance of your teeth. Luckily, Dr. Mike Wilson, our award-winning orthodontist in Durham, NC shares what tools available on the market to make the cleaning process with braces easier and more effective. A water pick or oral irrigator  moves around and through the barrier your braces create, where food particles can collect and harm your teeth and gums. With jet pulsations, the water pick clears food and plaque out of your braces.

Now, do you need a water pick? Well no, there are things to consider. Your Durham, North Carolina (NC) orthodontist will explain to you how your oral care regimen will intensify, and nothing replaces brushing and flossing your braces or orthodontic treatment. While the action and flexibility of floss cannot be replicated by a water pick, the device does offer you a additional protection. With oral irrigation augmenting your brushing and flossing, debris will have even less opportunity to take shelter between your teeth, gums and braces.  Studies have shown  a pulsating water treatment at a  medium setting was 99.9% effective in the removal of plaque bio-film.

The Oral Benefits Of A Water Pick: Your Durham, NC Orthodontists’ Guide

  • Flushes out debris from between your teeth , braces, and from below your gum line
  • Reduces infection from periodontal issues
  • Reduction of  inflammation, bleeding and gingivitis
  • Effective for those with crowns, gingivitis, dental  appliances, and diabetes
  • Cleans safely and gently around dental implants
    Relieves cankers
  • A deeper pocket reach than string floss
  • Removes  nearly all plaque bio-film
  • Helpful for those with diabetes
  • Closest at home procedure to planning and root scaling

Used at a medium speed water picks add one more layer of protection to your daily oral care regimen while wearing braces. Your orthodontist in Durham, Dr. Wilson and his team are happy to address any other questions  you may have on the implementation  of an oral irrigator.  Feel free to call our Durham, NC orthodontics office with any concerns, or to schedule a consultation or appointment today.

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our Durham orthodontics office would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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