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Now that the holidays are over and you have time to breath, the team at Wilson Orthodontics would like to share with you a greate New Years photo editing tip to organize all those holiday photos you took of friends and family.

For those of you that aren’t Photoshop gurus like us, take a look at It is a free online photo editing site that was brought back to replace the very popular

Google bought Picnik to be used as the photo editing tool for their new Google+ platform. When Google announced the closure for April 2012, online users were up in arms. Google had struck again and taken away their favorite easy to use photo editing site. Many people relied on the service to make their photos awesome!

Fortunately, consumer outcries were heard and was introduced again by a group of programmers in California. It uses the same platform and functionality that everyone loved and depended upon with to create different photo effects along with very easy to use editing features and instructions.

So go to, take the tour and start creating great photos and collages of your holidays. And when you are done, share your favorite photos with us on Facebook or email it to our office. We can’t wait to see what you have done!