My Retainer Doesn’t Fit! What Now? By Award-Winning Orthodontist In Oxford, NC

My Retainer Doesn't Fit By Oxford NC OrthodontistOnce you or your child are fitted for a retainer, you most likely expect it to last. Unfortunately, there are situations where it may feel uncomfortable and no longer fit if not used correctly during treatment. When top rated Oxford orthodontist, Dr. Wilson takes the braces off, it’s not uncommon for a patient to slide a bit during the retention phase. While the retention phase does scale down, it is advised that you continue to wear your retainer as directed by our award-winning orthodontist in Oxford, NC to ensure that teeth don’t slip back into their old position.

What causes a retainer to not fit after braces?

The most common reason your retainer may no longer fit properly is not following directions laid out by your orthodontist in Oxford, North Carolina. Perhaps you’ve been wearing them only at night, when you are supposed to have them in the entire day, except when eating and brushing. Maybe you’re supposed to wear your retainers every night and you skip every other night.  Maybe you simply hate the way it feels and try to go without it. After all, your teeth are straighter now, so what harm can it do? Unfortunately, it can undo the progress you’ve achieved with braces, and result in a longer orthodontic treatment process.

What has happened if my retainers hurts?

Discomfort or not being able to fit the retainer in your mouth means your teeth have begun shifting. Your retainers were designed to hold the new alignment of your teeth in place which was set in motion by your braces. Poor fitting retainers no longer help maintain the position of the teeth.

What can I do?

In order to salvage this situation, adjustments will have to be made to your existing retainer by our Oxford orthodontist,  or you may need to be fitted for a new one. Not only is this preventable issue time consuming, it may take a small bite out of your bank account.

What course of action you face depends on how long you’ve not been following our Oxford orthodontist’s treatment plan. Some former braces wearers have been faced with the orthodontic concern of beginning their time in braces all over again. If you happen to be just out of  braces, this might be a gentle note of caution to keep those retainers in as top rated Oxford orthodontist, Dr Wilson prescribes.

If you’ve gone through braces with another orthodontist and you are looking for a fresh perspective,  please don’t hesitate to contact our orthodontics office in Oxford, NC today. You’ve put the time and effort in to achieve a straighter teeth with a more efficient and proper bite. Why reverse all the progress you’ve made?  Dr. Wilson is intent on helping you maintain that straight, healthy smile so you only have to be in braces once in your life.

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our Oxford, North Carolina orthodontics office would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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